"The Perfect One" is a picture book by Sue Lancaster, illustrated by Rocío Caputo with Diego Vaisberg giving art direction, published by Mayo Clinic Press (2024).
A sibling story on perfectionism, comparison, and the importance of being perfectly true to yourself.
First exploration sketches for the main characters. 
Their designs intend to portray their different personalities. Isa is more relaxed and doesn't care too much, so her design is more round and with curves. She cuts her own hair, wears mismatched socks and doesn't mind having a bruised knee or a stained shirt. Cami, on the other hand, is really anxious and struggles as she needs to make everything perfect, so her design relies on squares and stronger shapes with harder edges. She keeps her clothes and hair tidy an clean, trying to look as neat as possible.  
Cover explorations, the last one being the one which was chosen. 

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